Mr Chris Floyd
Disaster Resilient Communities Group LLC
6224 Wake Robin Lane
Tallahassee Florida 32309

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Chris Floyd and the Disaster Resistant Communities Group LLC. Mr Floyd;s work coordinating the Workplace Down Active Shooter Exercise for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), the largest department in the state, was professional, courteous and beyond expectation. The ONX System provided our diverse agency the tools needed to evaluate the plans of over 75 separate offices, housing over 10,000 employees, in one day.

Mr Floyd’s dedication to this project and continuous communication led to the training of over 600 key staff and saved my office thousands of dollars and countless hours in training an plan development time. I would recommend the Disaster Resistant Communities Group to anyone looking to develop or test plans and would like to thank Mr Floyd for his work ensuring that DSHS has the tools to be able to continue to serve the citizens of the State of Washington following an emergency.


Jason York
Security Manager
State of Washington
Department of Social and Health Services
Olympia, WA