Mr Chris Floyd
Disaster Resistant Communities Group LLC
6224 Wake Robin Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32309


As the University of Texas at Arlington’s Emergency Management Coordinator, I have found that the Disaster Resistant Communities Group LLC has been able to create very functional business continuity exercises that are conducted campus-wide. Mr Floyd, the owner of the company, has been very helpful in creating the exercises (e.g. active shooter scenario and influenza pandemic scenario) that faculty, staff and students participate in and walk away with a greater understanding of their disaster roles and responsibilities.

The After Action Reports are extremely helpful to participants in identifying strengths and gaps. The reports provide faculty, staff and students with the functional activities that support their current actions and assist current actions and assist in helping to find ways to work on identified gaps. All participants have felt they are better prepared for whatever may come their way.

The University is better prepared not only because of the topics exercised, but also because the exercise registration and participation is virtual. Participants can log on to a computer, which gives more opportunity for individuals to participate in the exercise. Whether individuals participate in a department group or as a single representative from their department, it is easy to facilitate an exercise.

When I created my own tabletop exercises, the most I could ever hope for regarding participation is fifty to sixty participants. Logistical support was labor intensive and often complex. With DRCG’s virtual exercises, I have 150 individuals participating and very little, if any, logistical issues.

Our business continuity plans are reviewed, updated and functional because of the exercises. Individuals understand what their roles are in a disaster because they participated in the exercises and plans were analyzed and updated due to the “new findings” discovered during exercise participation.

I will continue to use DRCG’s exercise services not only because they are cost effective, and easy to facilitate, but because I am reaching a campus-wide community.


Cindy Mohat, CEM, TEM, CBCP, Master Continuity Planner
University of Texas at Arlington
Office of Emergency Management
Arlington, TX