Chris Floyd
Disaster Resistant Communities Group
6224 Wake Robin Ln
Tallahassee Florida  32309

Dear Chris

Thank you for developing and supporting the Formidable Footprint series of on-line tabletop exercises. This team-building and awareness-raising tool would be valuable to any group concerned with the ability of their community to withstand natural disasters. I would like to see these exercises made available more frequently and to a wider audience.

My team and I have found the format and interface to be easy to use and not distracting from the important material. The exercise inputs and questions have stimulated important in-depth conversations among the members of our local CERT teams. These are conversations that would not have happened without the experience afforded by the exercises.

For example, discussions about how communications would be maintained during a power disruption caused by a severe earthquake had been cursory in the past. Having to write cogent answers to exercise questions forced the group to get specific, and to realize the need to have a written communications plan. Questions posed regarding our role in response to a pandemic had not really been explored until today’s eye-opening exercise.

I have written, controlled, observed and played in many exercises, mostly aimed at a more professionally trained audience. The beauty of Formidable Footprint is its grassroots, citizen level approach. It has been an excellent teacher in delineating the roles of neighborhood volunteers and how they would interface with our emergency management and response organizations.

Thank you once again for making this outstanding product available to community based volunteers.


Beatrice Adler

Emergency Management Programs Coordinator
Matanuska-Susitna Borough
Department of Emergency Services
680 North Seward Meridian Parkway
Wasilla, AK  99654