Mr Chris Floyd

Attached you will find the After Action Report on the Falcon Signal 45 small plane crash exercise conducted at Florida Lottery Headquarters on April 27. The AAR shows that this type of online, interactive exercise will rapidly become an invaluable tool for many state agencies, especially considering the distance learning type of training curriculum foreseeable over the next few years because of budget issues.

I am especially grateful to you for all the time and consideration that you expended on my behalf, patiently putting up with my questions during the construction of this exercise. Once the learning curve is overcome, the date manipulation part of the exercise becomes very intuitive and the ONX System just seemed to take off by itself!

You have a good product here.

The participants in the exercise liked that the scenarios and injects were clear and made it easy to understand the author’s intent. And, the exercise definitely pointed out to management that disaster planning is a process that needs to be continually practiced to remain sharp.

Thanks for all the help.


Larry Ochalek
Continuity of Operations Planner
Division of Security
Florida Lottery
Tallahassee, FL