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Exercise Development The Disaster Resistant Communities Group LLC (DRCG) is uniquely qualified to assist government agencies, community and faith based organizations and businesses to develop, conduct and evaluate their next tabletop, functional or full-scale exercise.

Tabletop – Functional – Full-Scale Exercises

DRCG’s team of experts have extensive experience in the development of all types of exercises. A selection of exercises that have been designed, conducted and evaluated is found below.

Exercise Experience
Capability Type Exercise Title
Active Shooter Tabletop Medical Mayhem – A Consequence Management Exercise
Communications Full-Scale Operation RADAR II – An interoperable Communications Exercise
Coninuity of Operations Functional Comeback Ordeal – A COOP Exercise
Environmental Health Functional Gastro Gambit – An Environmental Health Exercise
Emergency Operations Center Full-Scale Hurricane Lay – An EOC Activation Exercise
Functional Needs Support Servies Tabletop Hurricane Access – A Community Collaboration Exercise
Hazardous Materials Full-Scale Hazardous Haze – A HazMat Response Exercise
Joint Information System Functional Five College JIS – A Public Information Coordination Exercise
Point of Dispensing Functional Operation POD Squad – A Point of Dispensing Exercise

ONX System

The ONX System is an on-line exercise application developed to provide a meaningful, intuitive and cost effective web-based platform to develop, conduct and evaluate Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant exercises. Whether the goal is to assess the capabilities of a single entity or to measure the ability of various agencies and organizations from across a city, county, state or the country, the ONX System was designed to meet the needs of professionals responsible for conducting exercises.

Access a copy of the ONX System Fact Sheet.