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Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative

The Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative is designed to provide meaningful exercise opportunities to America’s health systems.

America’s Health Systems
Caduceus Shield Exercise Components
Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiatinve - Hospitals
Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative - Public Health Agencies
Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative - Medical Reserve Corps
Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative - Community / Tribal / Rural Health Centers
Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative - Residential / Skilled Nursing Facilities

These exercises provide a comprehensive approach for assessing various disaster preparedness, response and recovery capabilities.

The initiative is designed to provide an opportunity for health providers and agencies across America to participate in a meaningful exercise with measurable outcomes.

Caduceus Shield Benefits

  • Choice of exercise component that best aligns with your organization’s health care responsibilities.
  • Alternative to the traditional time consuming and costly approach to conducting tabletop and functional exercises.
  • Provides a cost-effective platform for assessing disaster related capabilities and capacity.
  • Meets grant funding expenditure requirements for exercises.
  • Exercises are conducted via the ONX System, an internet based application, which allows individuals and teams to participate in an exercise from their normal base of operation.

Featured Exercises
Hospital Active Shooter

Medical Mayhem Tabletop Exercise Sickbay Security Tabletop Exercise Hospital Active Shooter Exercise Series. The potential of an armed assault occurring at anyone of the country’s 5,754 hospitals is a real one. The Sickbay Security – An Active Shooter Response Exercise and the Medical Mayhem – An Active Shooter Consequence Management Exercise are designed to provide an opportunity for hospital management and staff along with a hospital’s emergency response partners to work through the myriad of challenges associated with responding to and recovering from such an event.

Public Health Disaster Recovery

Recovery Readiness Tabletop Exercise Series This series of exercises will serve as an opportunity for public health agencies along with their local community partners to collaborate in meeting the health care needs of victims while re-establishing community health systems in the aftermath of a disaster.

There are four exercises scenarios to choose from: EarthquakeFlood HurricaneTornado

This series of exercises is designed to meet the following Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: Community RecoveryInformation SharingMass CareVolunteer Management

Point of Dispensing

Dispensing Dilemma ExerciseOperation POD Squad ExercisePoint of Dispensing Functional Exercise Series. The Operation POD Squad and the Dispensing Dilemma Exercises will provide an opportunity for public health agencies throughout the United States to assess their current capabilities to open and manage and PODs during a public health emergency.

This series of exercises is designed to meet the following Public Health Preparedness Capabilities: Emergency Public Information and WarningMedical Countermeasure Dispensing Volunteer Management 

Facility Evacuation

Evacuation Endeavor Tabletop ExerciseEvacuation Endeavor – A Health Care Center Exercise At any point during a normal work day health care center staff along with the center’s clients / patients could be called upon to safely evacuate the building. In light of this threat it is essential that community, rural and tribal health care centers fully understand the proper actions that need to be taken in the event of a commercial fire.