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Rumble In The Rubble Functional Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

This exercise served as an opportunity for the staff and management of hospitals, health departments and other community partners in each jurisdiction across Washington’s Region 9 Health Care Coalition to work through scenario information and injects dealing with a response to a hospital or health care facility based disaster.

Exercise Scenario

A heavy, wet snowfall last night has resulted in extreme weight on the roofs of many facilities. More snow is expected in the next three hours and then temperatures will rise to the low 40s.

A member of housekeeping staff has notified her supervisor that a large amount of water is leaking from the ceiling and maintenance was called to check the area. Maintenance says the area is unsafe and the structural integrity of the area may be compromised at this time.

Exercise Objectives

  1. Participating agencies (hospitals, facilities, etc…) will use at least 3 methods of communication (phone, e-mail, RAMSES, WATrac, etc…) to respond within 30 minutes of receiving notification in an emergency situation.
  2. Exercise Briefing Video
  3. Participating agencies will identify specific Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) needed to support response to the exercise injects and identify potential MOU’s needed with partner agencies by the end of the exercise.
  4. Hospitals will report bed tracking information using available bed tracking tools (RAMSES, WATrac) within 30 minutes of receiving the request by inject according to their facility plans reporting process.
  5. Hospitals will use facility evacuation plans to evaluate their facilities ability to evacuate an affected portion of their facility within 60 minutes (or time prescribed in the facility plan).
  6. Participating agencies will use the Alternate Care Facility (ACF) checklist or similar jurisdiction specific form, to identify specific location and resources needed to establish an ACF by the end of the exercise (staffing – who, from where, etc…).
  7. Participating agencies (Spokane only) will notify and request activation of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers, within in 60 minutes according to established guidelines within their jurisdiction.
  8. By the conclusion of the Rumble in the Rubble Functional Exercise on April 18, 2012, agencies choosing to address the issue of “greater than normal number of fatalities” will have notified at least two agencies or organizations relevant to fatality management as identified within their agency plans or protocols.

Exercise Conclusion

The Rumble In The Rubble Exercise was held on the morning of April 18, 2012, at locations throughout the eastern Washington State.

Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative
This exercise is an example of the kind of exercises that comprise the nationwide Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative. This initiative provides meaningful exercise opportunities for America’s health system.