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North Florida PrepareAthon

PrepareAthon Overview

Disaster Preparedness Video of the Day
Week # 5 – September 27th – 30th
Week # 4 – September 20th – 26th
Power Outage
9/25 – Extreme Heat Preparedness
9/24 – Chainsaw Safety
9/23 – Food Safety During Power Outages
9/22 – Generator Usage / Safety
9/21 – Downed Electrical Line Safety
9/20 – Power Outage Preparedness
Week # 3 – September 13th – 19th
9/19 – Hurricane Evacuation
9/18 – Hurricane Preparedness – ASL
9/17 – Hurricane – Emergency Home Board Up
9/16 – Hurricane Preparedness
9/15 – Hurricane Awareness – Storm Surge
9/14 – Hurricane Awareness – Wind
9/13 – Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane
Week # 2 – September 6th – 12th
9/12 – Wildfire Response
9/11 – Wildfire Evaluation – ASL
9/10 – Wildfire Evacuation
9/9 – Red Flag Warnings
9/8 – Wildfire Prevention – Off-Road Vehicles 
9/7 – Preparing Your Home for a Wildfire
9/6 – Preparing Your Community for a Wildfire
Week # 1 – September 1st – 5th
9/5 – Flood Preparedness – ASL
9/4 – Flood Preparedness
9/3 – Flood Plain Awareness
9/2 – Flood Insurance
9/1 – Preparing Your Home for a Flood

The Good and Ready for PrepareAthon Initiative was  part of National Preparedness Month 2015.

The focus of the Good and Ready for PrepareAthon Initiative was to provide individuals, families, neighborhoods, organizations, churches, businesses and government agencies an opportunity to enhance their disaster preparedness and response skills.


The Good and Ready for PrepareAthon was sponsored by the:

Disaster Preparedness Video of the Day

To prepare you for the next disaster and to participate in the Operation Volunteer Placement Exercise and / or the Formidable Footprint Wildfire Exercise individuals could access and view each day’s disaster preparedness video found to the right.

Community Exercises

On September 24th and 26th agencies, organizations, communities, neighborhoods throughout the United States had the opportunity to assess their disaster preparedness an response capabilities by participating in one or both of the following exercises.

There is NO COST to participate in either of these exercises.

Operation Volunteer Placement – A VRC Tabletop Exercise

During this exercise agencies and organizations that have a role in coordinating spontaneous volunteers during an emergency or disaster had the opportunity to assess their volunteer placement capabilities while enhancing their understanding of operating a Volunteer Reception Center.

Formidable Footprint – A Community / Neighborhood Wildfire Response Tabletop Exercise

This exercise served as an opportunity for community and faith based organizations along with governmental agencies to assess their capability to prepare for, respond to and recover from a wildfire.

Just In Time Disaster Training Library

With over 1,800 disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery training videos the Just In Time Disaster Training is the most comprehensive, easy to search, FREE internet based source available.

The library can be accessed at the following web site: