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Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program

NEPP Overview

The Florida Department of Health has undertaken an initiative entitled Neighborhood Emergency  Preparedness Program (NEPP).

The purpose NEPP is to organize and educate neighborhoods to increase their level of preparedness to handle all types of health-related emergency incidents. The project is designed to engage and mobilize small neighborhood teams to help foster self-sufficiency at the neighborhood residential level.

Neighborhood health teams are prepared to collaborate in planning, communicating and information sharing along with coordinating activities before, during,and after a biological, natural or man-made emergency. NEPP utilizes personal and community empowerment strategies to mitigate the massive surge on medical resources that can be anticipated in a disaster situation.  NEPP utilizes a four step strategy in accomplishing this mission through education, planning, preparedness and building capacity for distributing essential supplies and / or medications.

Project Overview

Assist communities in fully implementing the goals and objectives of the  Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program.

Leon County

The current activities are being undertaken to support the two NEPP communities in Leon County.

  • Review and assess their current emergency readiness level.
    • Design, facilitate and evaluate exercises designed to evaluate and enhance disaster response capabilities.
    • Armed with a strong understanding of the each communities  preparedness and response capabilities review and refine appropriate plans and procedures.
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