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Columbia Chemical Calamity Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Columbia County Emergency Management Department undertook an initiative to conduct a series of exercises designed to assess the capabilities of local agencies to respond to a hazardous materials incident occurring within the county.

Entitled “Columbia Chemical Calamity Exercise” the exercises consisted of a tabletop exercise followed by a full-scale exercise.

During the tabletop exercise participants worked through scenario information and injects dealing with a response to a hazardous materials incident. During the full-scale exercise participants had the opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned during the tabletop exercise.

Exercise Scenario

It’s the end of the semester at Florida Gateway College and graduation is right around the corner.

The stress level of many of the students is rather high as this is final exams week.

In Dr Smith’s Chemistry class, two seniors, Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez, are extremely concerned that they didn’t study enough for the final and that they will fail. If they fail they will not be allowed to graduate.

When Dr Smith walks out of the room to talk with a fellow instructor, the two friends quickly run into the chemical storage room. They find a few chemicals out in the open and decide to mix them together. Their goal is to cause some smoke to be generated so that the final will be suspended and that classes will be cancelled for the rest of the day.

As soon as they start mixing the chemicals together in the sink a violent reaction occurs causing an explosion and setting fire to the classroom.

Throughout the campus students are panicking as many believe that the explosion could have been the beginning of an assault on their school. As the campus wide fire alarm goes off students begin an un-controlled rush to evacuate campus buildings.

School Chemistry Lab Safety Video

Access a video to better understand the potential of a school chemistry lab accident.

Exercise Conclusion

The Columbia Chemical Calamity Tabletop Exercise was conducted during the morning of October 28, 2014, while the Columbia Chemical Calamity Full-Scale Exercise was conducted during the morning of February 20, 2015, in Lake City Florida.

Exercise Photos

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