ProjectsCampus Shield Exercise Initiative

Campus Shield Exercise Initiative

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Campus Shield Exercise Initiative provides community college and university management and staff with a comprehensive means of assessing disaster and emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery capabilities for scenarios identified in the institution’s Hazard Vulnerability Assessment.

Campus Shield exercises are designed to provide an opportunity for a single college / university or a group of colleges / universities to participate in a realistic and meaningful exercise with measurable outcomes.

Campus Shield provides an alternative to the traditional time consuming and costly approach to conducting tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises by utilizing an internet based exercise delivery system to design, conduct and evaluate exercises.

Core College / University Exercise Series

The concept behind the recurring series of core exercises is to provide institutions with an opportunity to assess an identified capability as cost-effectively as possible.

Simply click on the exercise title to learn more about the exercise and request additional information regarding exercise participation.

Core Exercises
Capability   Exercise Title
Active Shooter – Consequence Management Active Shooter Academic Adversity – Consequence Management
Active Shooter – Response Active Shooter Academic Adversity – Response
Information Technology (IT)
IT Failure Campus Down – IT Failure
Information Technology (IT) Ransomware Attack Campus Down – Ransomware Attack
Consequence Management
Explosion University Upheaval
Continuity of Operations Administration Building Fire College Conflagration
Emergency Notification Multiple Alerting Anxiety
Fire Response / Student Recovery
Campus Dorm Fire
Campus Conflagration
Public Affairs / Information
Foodborne Illness
Vicious Virus