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Fire Evacuation Planning

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The mission behind Be Ready Sunday is to engage faith based organizations from across the United States to take the time to develop and test a Fire Evacuation Plan for their house of worship.

The Be Ready Sunday initiative has three easy to follow steps that will ensure your house of worship is prepared should a fire occur during worship service.



Fire Evacuation Planning

Step One – Plan

Access, download and save the Fire Evacuation Planning documents.

You will need to utilize the Creating A Fire Evacuation Plan and Creating A Fire Evacuation Map tools to guide your organization through the process of establishing your Fire Evacuation Plan.

Upon completing your Fire Evacuation Plan it will be important to share copies of the plan with your membership.



Fire Drill Pledge

Step Two – Pledge

Make a pledge to test your Fire Evacuation Plan.

Pledge to test your Fire Evacuation Plan by conducting a Fire Drill during worship service on the last weekend of the month.

In make a pledge to conduct a Fire Drill during National Preparedness Month your house of worship will be taking an important step forward in becoming better prepared for the next disaster.



Conducting A Fire Drill

Step Three – Practice

Step Three of the Be Ready Sunday initiative contains guidelines on how to conduct a Fire Drill at your house of worship.

Download the “How To Conduct A Fire Drill” PowerPoint Presentation. This presentation outlines the steps you should follow in planning and conducting the Fire Drill for your house of worship.

With all drills it is important to identify your strengths as well as areas needing improvement. The “Fire Drill Evaluation” tool will assist you and your members in evaluating the drill.



Partner Resources

Be Ready Sunday – Partners

Become a Be Ready Sunday Partner today and help promote the concept of faith based organizations preparing and testing a Fire Evacuation Plan for their house of worship.

Be Ready Sunday Partner Registration.



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