Mission Statement

The Disaster Resistant Communities Group was established to provide a host of disaster planning and preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation services to local, regional, state and national agencies and departments as well as community and faith based organizations.

Our philosophy is:

  • To develop innovative concepts that meet the needs of local, state, regional and national emergency management agencies and organizations.
  • To provide creative opportunities for local community stakeholders to plan and prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate the effects of disasters.
  • To use innovative technology that engages people, organizations and agencies to work together to prepare the whole community for the next emergency or disaster.

Just In Time Disaster Training Library

The purpose of the Just In Time Disaster Training Library is to provide a single, easy to search source in which individuals, agencies and organizations can access Just In Time Disaster Training videos.

The videos found in the library cover disaster related mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery training for a wide variety areas.

Access the Just In Time Disaster Training Library.

– Disaster Training Video of the Day
Today’s Training Video Flood Recovery – The Long-Term Health Impacts
Previous Day’s Training Video Flood Recovery – Food Safety Following a Flood

Campus Shield – School Crisis Exercise Initiative

Campus Shield Exercise Initiative The Campus Shield Exercise Initiative provides school and school district management, staff and teachers with a comprehensive means of assessing disaster and emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery capabilities for scenarios identified in the institution’s Hazard Vulnerability Assessment.

Campus Shield exercises are designed to provide an opportunity for a single school / school district or a group of schools / school districts to participate in a realistic and meaningful exercise with measurable outcomes.

Caduceus Shield – Healthcare Exercise Initiative

Caduceus Shield InitiativeThe Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative provides  America’s health system, including hospital, health care providers / organizations and public health agencies with a comprehensive approach for assessing various disaster preparedness, response and recovery capabilities.

The initiative is designed to provide an opportunity for health providers and agencies across America to participate in a meaningful exercise with measurable outcomes.

The foundation of the initiative is to provide cost-effective, customized internet based exercises based on the following health system types:

  • Hospitals
  • Community / Rural / Tribal Health Care Center
  • Healthcare Coalitions
  • Medical Reserve Corps
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Residential Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities

Access additional information on the Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative.