Mr. Chris Floyd
Disaster Resistant Communities Group LLC
6224 Wake Robin Ln
Tallahassee, FL 32309

Dear Chris:

As the Emergency Disaster Management (EDM) Specialist for Hamilton Health Sciences, an organization comprising of six hospitals, a cancer center and numerous affiliated satellites with over 10,000 staff, I am pleased to provide this letter of support for the use of your Online Exercise System (ONX).

As the only EDM Specialist in a large organization, it is quite a challenge to deliver exercises that fulfill our staff training needs annually across all sites. As you know, I have been intrigued with your product for some time. While I have participated in several community based exercises and found them to be very effective, Medical Mayhem was the first hospital based exercise we conducted with staff. I must say my expectations were not disappointed. Your exercise came through with flying colors!

Participants found the exercise extremely worthwhile and feedback was very positive. The scenario was realistic and injects relevant. There was much group discussion and learning from the exercise as it gave us an opportunity to review our plans and capabilities. The exercise also helped me evaluate our staff’s knowledge of our current Active Shooter response plan and their ability to problem solve and think outside the box with the various injects.

As a result of the Medical Mayhem exercise, we identified our strengths and gaps, and will be looking to enhance our Active Shooter plan. The material and additional links that were provided as resources in the exercise will be very useful to help us fast track & address these areas for improvement.

We will certainly keep DRCG-ONX in mind for the future. I believe your on-line web based product is an excellent and cost effective tool when you consider the planning time involved in developing an exercise. I have no hesitation in recommending ONX in this regard and hope other hospitals can take advantage of its availability.

Again thank you for your support and we look forward to additional hospital topics as they become available. You have a great quality product!


Lili Brylowski Nestor CEM
Specialist, Emergency and Disaster Management
Hamilton Health Sciences – Chedoke Hospital
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada