Mr Chris Floyd
Disaster Resilient Communities Group LLC
6224 Wake Robin Lane
Tallahassee Florida 32309

Dear Chris

I want to take an opportunity to thank you for running the tabletop exercise for Washington State’s Region 2 Healthcare partners. We were able to exercise a variety of healthcare organizations including four civilian hospitals, one military hospital, tribal clinics, public health, a Community and Migrant Health Center, and a WA State Veterans Home facility. In addition to the healthcare agencies represented, local emergency management departments took part in the exercise as well.

The exercise Operation Acorn Drop allowed all participating organizations the opportunity to work from their own command centers while still interacting with partners, as we would if this were a true event. The ONX System’s functionality used for this exercise allowed each organization to answer questions related to their community role. It also allowed each organization to move through the scenario at its own pace, yet have a defined timeline so that exercise participation progressed within the total exercise time allotted.

Because many of our organizations receive Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) federal grant funding, we will be discussing the utilization of a Caduceus Shield exercise in the future.

Thank you, Chris, for your foresight in developing Caduceus Shield exercises. This was truly beneficial to our organization and healthcare region.


Laura Jull CEM
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Bremerton, Washington