Mr Chris Floyd
Disaster Resilient Communities Group LLC
6224 Wake Robin Lane
Tallahassee Florida 32309

Dear Mr. Floyd

Thank you for your outstanding leadership and expertise in developing the delivery platform for our Disaster Health and Sheltering course and its tabletop component. This course, as you know, is a part of the American Red Cross National Student Nurse Program. It is designed to prepare pre-licensure nursing students for volunteer service in American Red Cross disaster shelters, and has been so enriched by the interactive tabletop exercise which you created to address the application of nursing students’ knowledge and skills.

Your past experience as a Red Cross Emergency Services Director was evident in the realistic scenarios and disaster shelter encounters you created. We are grateful that you were also willing to add Part I, the independent study, to your website. Now students and nursing faculty can register in a one-stop format to access Part I’s Red Cross history video, the narrated curriculum, and the post-test as well as the Part II tabletop exercise. This truly amazing one-stop arrangement continues as the students individually re-enter your website to evaluate the course and obtain a certificate of completion. The roster of course participants you provide to Red Cross nursing will allow us, for the first time in our education programs, to track the participants and assure that they have the opportunity to take a follow-up survey to determine if there is a post-course increase in volunteerism.

Your ONX System is obviously robust enough to host our course on a recurring basis in nursing programs throughout the United States. I also personally want to thank you for your responsiveness. Whenever we called for assistance during the development phase, you quickly made the needed revisions in a very timely manner, allowing us to launch the Disaster Health and Sheltering course by our target date. We now have the potential to take our disaster nursing curriculum across the nation, with the potential increasing our National Student Nursing Program to a hundred participants over the next two years. Feedback during the pilot phase has indicated that the course is well-designed, easy to use, and has already resulted in new volunteers.

Thank you again for your expertise and willingness to help make the American Red Cross Disaster Health and Sheltering course a success!


Sharon Stanley
Chief Nurse
American Red Cross
2025 E St NW
Washington, DC  20006