Dear Mr Floyd

Thank you for all your assistance in ensuring that Ledge Light District’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) participating in the recent Hurricane Tabletop provided by Formidable Footprint was such a success. We all had so much to discuss with each scenario / inject that we found we had to quickly type in our responses before the clock ran out!

We had 5 nurses and pharmacists participate in the tabletop exercise and as a result of the feedback, we will be looking to enhance our MRC protocols as well as our public health emergency response plans. As the facilitator, I found that I had a lot to share with them on our local and regional emergency preparedness plans that I had never thought to share with them in the past. They came away feeling that it was extremely worthwhile to have participated in, even on their day off. As a result of some of the issues we identified, such as the need for better education of the public, one of the MRC volunteers stepped forward to offer to do emergency preparedness presentations to the public. Who would have thought so much could come from a Saturday tabletop exercise?

I have shared our experience with other volunteer organizations and hope they will take advantage of such a wonderful learning experience when offered again.


Kristin Magnusen MSN, RN-BC
MRC Coordinator
Ledge Light Health District
216 Broad St
New London, CT  06320