To Whom It May Concern

The Infirmary Incineration Exercise proved to be a valuable learning tool for my organization. It provided the staff with a great opportunity to get acquainted with a new Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

I felt the participants gained an understanding of our new COOP as they were responding to the injects. Staff participation in the Hot Wash brought up several more questions that will now be addressed. The use of the ONX System allowed everyone to directly input their data concerning their responsibilities. All participants were part of the process as they would be during a real event.

For anyone new to emergency response or emergency planning, I highly recommend participating in an exercise such as Infirmary Incineration. The learning experience will help your personnel to better understand their agency plans in a non threatening environment.


Lewis Ibaugh Jr
Public Health Planner
Montgomery County Health Department
Norristown, PA