To Whom It May Concern

The purpose of this letter is to provide very positive feedback on the results of the Hurricane Access Exercises facilitated in Florida’s Region 1 & 2 and facilitated via the ONX System.

I was involved with the Hurricane Access exercise series from the ground floor. Having a role on the Exercise Design Team I was among a group of Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) experts that worked to make the exercise a success. In addition I had the wonderful opportunity to be designated as an evaluator for both of the exercises.

This particular exercise series was extremely effective in bringing FNSS stakeholder organizations and emergency managers together to enhance FNSS capabilities at the local level.

It successfully challenged participants to identify and discuss solutions and determine responses in a non-pressure environment. It definitely provided county emergency management an open door to begin serious dialog and in-depth planning and identifying additional community partners to meet local FNSS demands in time for disaster.

In summation, “Hurricane Access was an extremely effective means to bring about serious planning and partner development for FNSS in disaster response. It is the first positive step to learning what needs to be done as well as clearly identifying what resources can be truly counted upon to meet FNSS needs during a local disaster response.”

I too, as a planner, have learned a great deal by taking an active role in Hurricane Access. I will continue to remain actively engaged in this great endeavor and appreciate the opportunity to serve Florida.


Bill Dion
Regional Planning Manager
American Red Cross
North Florida Region
Jacksonville, FL