Wilson County Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) would like to express appreciation for the Formidable Footprints Nationwide Tabletop Exercise. We have participated in several exercises and appreciate that the “Animal” aspect of disasters is included in the nationwide plan. The Team loves the realistic city maps and the You Tube videos. They make the scenarios realistic and allow a true picture of the disaster to be seen. We look forward to the You Tube videos!

At the end of the exercise – the Report Summary is used for a meeting discussion. We do a debriefing of the disaster and review our responses, evaluating how we could have improved our performance. It gives us a chance to review other teams response plans, thus coordinating efforts with other agencies.

Participating in the Formidable Footprints Exercises brings the DART  members closer as a team – problem solving together and brainstorming through the different scenarios. It teaches team members to think outside the box.

We look forward to the exercises every month and we plan on using Formidable Footprints Nationwide Tabletop Exercise well into the future for part of the curriculum for the DART members training.

Thank you for holding these free, user-friendly exercises for us!


Julie Kupniewski
Wilson County Disaster Animal Response Team
Lebanon, TN