Mr Floyd

My students felt that your ONX system tabletop exercise was a valuable experience for them. They enjoyed the interactive exercise, requiring them to think through their responses to a scenario-driven set of circumstances. Because your exercise not only asked, “Yes” or “No,” but “Why?,” we generated some lively discussion.

Your video inserts provided good illustrations for our concrete learners who might not have had an idea what effects a hurricane might cause, and what damage might result. Where our learners might not have been familiar with a “POD” set-up, you provided a pop-up with helpful additional information.

The ONX system appears to be very flexible and adaptable for virtually any scenario. I place great value on the shared learning experience and the subsequent collaboration and cooperation among the responding group members!

Thanks for sharing your online exercise program with us. I can’t wait to sing your praises among my Emergency Management colleagues.


Judy D Jaeger
Emergency Management Program Chair / Instructor
Central Georgia Technical College
Macon, GA