Mr Chris Floyd

I am writing this letter in support of your effort to provide COOP training and exercises.

I had the pleasure of participating in several preparedness exercises that you facilitated and conducted in the local area. The thorough preparation for the exercises was evident. Materials were clear. Participants had clear understandings of the purposes for the exercises, and their roles in the exercises. You were able to keep order and keep the discussions and exercises moving, not an easy task, given the disparate nature of the participants, the geographic distances in which participants were located, and differing technological tools being used by participants.

Specifically regarding Continuation of Operations training and exercises, I was able to review your materials prior to their use. The content fulfilled all requirements, the flow was logical, and participants were able to learn from their experiences in the exercises, as evidenced by the glowing survey comments you received after the exercises.

I have no hesitation in recommending DRC Group when training, and particularly exercises, are sought.

Reid Jaffee
Program Manager
Bureau of Preparedness and Response
Florida Department of Health
Tallahassee, FL