DDFE CPProjectsSignificant School Situation Tabletop Exercise

Significant School Situation Tabletop Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Taylor County School District undertook an initiative to develop, facilitate and evaluate a school active shooter exercise entitled “Significant School Situation – An Active Shooter Consequence Management Tabletop Exercise.”

This exercise served as an opportunity for the district’s school administrators, staff and teachers to work through scenario information and injects dealing with the numerous challenges associated with managing the consequences of a school shooting incident.

Exercise Scenario

At 1:22PM, a young man gained access to your school and began shooting.

Local law enforcement arrived within minutes and after a standoff lasting 15 minutes the gunman took his own life.

Unfortunately the gunman shot and killed two teachers, one staff member and eight students.

Your school must now deal with numerous significant challenges as it begins to manage its recovery from this tragic event.

Active Shooter Awareness / Safety / Response Videos

Access an informative series of Active Shooter Awareness, Safety and Response videos.

Exercise Conclusion

The Significant School Situation Exercise was conducted on on May 13, 2016 and on August 4, 2016 at locations throughout Taylor County Florida.