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Resilient Response Tabletop Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

This series of nationwide neighborhood / community readiness and responses exercises was sponsored by the HandsOn Network and the Points of Light.

The nationwide Resilient Response Exercise series was designed as an opportunity for neighborhood and community leaders to bring residents together to work through the various preparedness actions and response activities associated with the following list of natural disasters:

  • Flood
  • Hurricane
  • Influenza Pandemic

Exercise Scenarios


After several days of heavy rain fall throughout the region neighborhoods begin to experience rising waters.

As flood waters begin to threaten their homes, residents begin to prepare to evacuate their homes. Seeking all forms of assistance, many of the residents have been calling their 911 Centers.

Within 12 hours flood water has risen in some locations to nine feet.


It is late July and local residents have been complacent in their hurricane preparedness activities because this year’s hurricane season has not even seen its first tropical storm. Families are making their last minute plans for their summer vacations while local business owners and government agencies are thinking that the hurricane season could be very inconsequential. However weather forecasters are predicting a major change in the atmosphere that could see a sharp increase in the number and severity of hurricanes within the next few weeks.

By early August community / neighborhood residents begin to follow the projected path of the season’s first tropical storm.

Influenza Pandemic

A new strain of influenza virus is discovered in a small village in southern China. Over the next 60 days this virus travels around the globe launching a deadly influenza pandemic.

Exercise Briefing

A Resilient Response Exercise Briefing video has been produced to ensure that neighborhood and community leaders as well as individuals are ready to successfully partake in the exercise. This video provides valuable information regarding preparing for and participating in an exercise.

Access and view the Exercise Briefing.

Exercise Conclusion

The series of Resilient Response Exercises were held during 2012, 2013 and 2014 at locations throughout the United States.

Resilient Response Tabletop Exercise Resilient Response Tabletop Exercise The Good & Ready – Resilient Response Exercise Series was made possible by the Allstate Foundation and the Target Corporation