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PSAP Paralysis Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Holmes County Emergency Management Department undertook an initiative to conduct a series of exercises designed to assess the Continuity of Operations capabilities of the Holmes County Public Safety Access Point (PSAP).

Entitled “PSAP Paralysis” the exercises consisted of a tabletop exercise followed by a drill.

During the tabletop exercise participants worked through scenario information and injects dealing with maintaining 911 Center operations. During the hands on drill, participants had the opportunity to use the 911 Center’s back-up equipment.

Exercise Scenario

Day 1 – Friday – 8:37PM

For the past several days the level of incoming calls to the Holmes County Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) has been below normal.

Throughout the day anticipation of tonight’s Holmes County High School vs Freeport High School football game has been building. Students, parents, teachers and local football fans are expecting an exciting game between the Blue Devils and the Bulldogs.

At 8:17PM a motorist driving south on Waukesha St notices a large hole on the west side of the street just north of the Bonifay Fire / Police Station. The motorist makes a mental note of the hazard but decides not to call anyone.

Exercise Conclusion

The PSAP Paralysis Tabletop Exercise and Drill were held on June 24, 2015, at the Holmes County Emergency Operations Center in Bonifay Florida.