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Operation Volunteer Placement Tabletop Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Beneficts / Facts

Volunteer Leon undertook an effort to conduct a region wide tabletop exercise entitled “Operation Volunteer Placement – A Cyber VRC Tabletop Exercise”.

During this exercise individuals had the opportunity to participate from the comfort of their workplace or home via the internet.

On the day of the exercise individuals who had registered to play the role of Spontaneous Volunteers provided information regarding their willingness to assist organizations who are working with tornado survivors. Volunteer Leon then used this information to match the skills and talents of Spontaneous Volunteers to the man-power needs of community and faith based organization throughout North Florida responding to meet the disaster caused needs of individuals and families. This was accomplished via an internet based Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) application.

The mission of the exercise was to assess the capability and capacity of Volunteer Leon’s internet based VRC.

As participants played the role of Spontaneous Volunteers and provide information on their skills and areas of interest, Volunteer Leon worked to match each Spontaneous Volunteer with an organization needing volunteers with the specific to assist individuals and families recovering from the tornado.

Exercise Scenario

It is mid-March and the severe weather associated with a cold front moving through the region prompts the Tallahassee Forecast Office of the National Weather Service to issue a Tornado Watch for North Florida from 4:00AM until 12:00PM.

At 10:11AM, meteorologists at the National Weather Service notice what appears to be the formation of a tornado on their Doppler weather radar. They immediately issue a Tornado Warning.

Over the next several hours, numerous Tornado Warnings are issued throughout the area.

Exercise Conclusion

The Operation Volunteer Placement Tabletop Exercise was held on the morning of May 25, 2011, with organizations participating from throughout North Florida.