In addition to videos, podcasts are easily embedded throughout exercises to enhance the exercise experience. Podcasts are presented in the form of radio messages, realistic sound effects such as a NOAA Weather Radar sounding an alert or to provide additional voice over exercise clarification such as short narrative explaining a certain situation.

Examples of embedded podcasts from recent exercises can be found below.

To hear the following example of an embedded podcast your computer must be able to play an MP3 file and have a set of speakers.

Ohio Contagion – A Healthcare Coalition Functional Exercise

The following is an actual ONX System scenario from the Ohio Contagion – A Healthcare Coalition Functional Exercise conducted for the Ohio Hospital Association in coordination with the Southeast and Southeast Central Ohio Homeland Security Regions. With the exercise scenario being based on the movie “Contagion” podcasts were used throughout the exercise to support exercise participation.    

Day 8


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Dr Cheever briefs CDC personnel on the outbreak of cases of the worldwide virus. The numbers of infected people have reached 80,000+ and the CDC is predicting it could reach as high as 267,000.

Ohio Contagion ExerciseMeanwhile, Dr Orantes, from the World Health Organization (WHO), travels to Hong Kong to retrace Beth’s steps and try to find out who she might have come in contact with while there. Dr Orantes’ liaison is Sun Feng. Sun Feng is ambivalent and not sure that Hong Kong is the focal point of the viral outbreak. Dr Orantes is convinced that Beth started it all. They interview several workers at a casino and learn that several of their coworkers became ill soon after Beth was there. Dr Orantes tells Feng to get tapes of the security footage showing when Beth arrived and left and find every person that she came in contact with. Feng mentions that many people in his rural village where he grew up are infected with a virus and his own mother is very sick.

Dr Hextall briefs Dr Cheever on the current findings. A stable culture of the virus was obtained by growing it in a particular bat cell line. Now that they know what they are up against, they can begin developing and testing vaccines to prevent the spread of the virus.

 Great California ShakeOut Exercise

The following is an actual ONX System scenario from the ShakeOut – Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Tabletop Exercise conducted for the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department.

Day 1
Earthquake Strikes


Shake Out Arroyo Seco ExerciseAt 9:03AM residents throughout the area begin to feel the ground roll and shake.


Initial seismic reports indicate that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred along the San Andreas Fault line.