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Operation Hard Luck Tabletop Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management undertook an initiative to facilitate an exercise entitled “Operation Hard Luck”.

The exercise was designed to evaluate emergency response procedures, identify areas for improvement and achieve a collaborative attitude among the various organizations and agencies participating.

Exercise Objectives

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Objectives

  • Validate basic understanding of CERT processes and procedures.
  • Assess understanding of CERT Communications Standard Operating Guidelines.
  • Assess the ability to gather and transmit damage reports via various methods.

Volunteer Reception Center Objectives

  • Assess processes for mobilization and demobilization.
  • Assess adequacy of telecommunication systems.
  • Validate current staffing levels.
  • Determine volunteer throughput.

Emergency Operating Area (EOA) Objectives

  • Assess processes for mobilization and demobilization.
  • Validate communications procedures.
  • Determine ability to coordinate EOA tasks.
  • Validate process for developing an Incident Action Plan.

Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Objectives

  • Assess use of ham radio communications with EOC, EOAs and CERTs using assigned repeater and simplex frequencies.
  • Validate established protocol for emergency communications traffic.
  • Determine efficacy of ham radio equipment in EOA trailers and personal antenna systems brought by ARES operators.

Mass Care Objectives

  • Demonstrate ability to provide mass care feeding support systems.
  • Evaluate adequacy of mass care feeding support systems.
  • Validate current mass care feeding services plans and procedures.
  • Exercise participants will work through scenario information and injects following the landfall of a hurricane within the county.

Exercise Scenario

Overnight Hurricane Jason slammed into Palm Beach County with sustained winds recorded at 161 MPH.

Damage due to the storm is severe and widespread with thousands of homes completely destroyed. In addition to the damage caused by the storm, several hundred individuals have been injured and the death toll currently standing at 47 is expected to continue to rise.

The county’s electrical, water and sewage infrastructure has been crippled and roads throughout the region are clogged with downed utility poles, trees and other storm debris.

All of the county’s Emergency Operating Areas have been activated and along with the county’s Volunteer Reception Center.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) throughout the region have mobilized and are assisting residents and assessing damage within their community.

Exercise Conclusion

The Operation Hard Luck Exercise was held on the morning of April 6, 2012, at locations throughout Palm Beach County Florida.

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