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Operation Cohesive Capabilities Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services in coordination with the San Mateo County Emergency Managers Association undertook an initiative to design, conduct and evaluate a series of exercises entitled “Operation Cohesive Capability – A Multi-Agency Coordination Exercise”.

This series of tabletop and functional exercises served as an opportunity for representatives from governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and private sector companies to assess their ability to coordinate response activities while enhancing the operational cooperation between city and county EOCs.

Exercise Scenarios

North County ZoneConducted February 11, 2015

Several explosions at the BART South San Francisco Station.

Central County ZoneConducted December 3, 2014

Region wide utility (electric, water, communications, etc.) failure.

South County Zone Conducted January 14, 2015

Credible threat to numerous critical facilities including schools and technology companies.

Coastside ZoneConducted November 5, 2014

Wildfire causing large scale evacuation and sheltering.

Exercise Conclusion

The Operation Cohesive Capability Exercise series was conducted on between October 2014 and February 2015 in San Mateo County, California.

Exercise Photos / Videos

Found below are photos / videos from the Operation Cohesive Capability Exercise series.

 Multi-Agency Coordination Workshop / Tabletop Exercise – Photos – 10/2/2014 HTML
 Coastside Zone Functional Exercise – Photos – 11/5/2014 HTML
 Coastside Zone Functional Exercise – Video – 11/5/2014 HTML
 Central County Zone Functional Exercise – Photos – 12/3/2014 HTML
 South County Zone Functional Exercise – Photos – 1/14/2015 HTML
 North County Zone Functional Exercise – Photos – 2/11/2015 HTML