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Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program

The purpose of Florida Department of Health’s Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program is to organize and educate neighborhoods to increase their level of preparedness to handle all types of health-related emergency incidents. The project is designed to engage and mobilize small neighborhood teams to help foster self-sufficiency at the neighborhood residential level.

Neighborhood health teams are prepared to collaborate in planning, communicating and information sharing along with coordinating activities before, during,and after a biological, natural or man-made emergency. NEPP utilizes personal and community empowerment strategies to mitigate the massive surge on medical resources that can be anticipated in a disaster situation. NEPP utilizes a four step strategy in accomplishing this mission through education, planning, preparedness and building capacity for distributing essential supplies and / or medications.

The reason for the Smith-Williams Community Center – NEPP web site is to provide an easy to use internet portal for residents within the area served by the Smith-Williams Community Center’s Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program to access community wide plans, procedures and resources as well as to understand the natural and man-made threats to the community.

Neighborhood Training

 Introduction to Incident Command System (IS 100.b) Course

Neighborhood Plans

 Response Plan (2012 – DRAFT) PDF
 Hazard Vulnerability Assessment PDF

Neighborhood Map

The following interactive map contains information on the various threats faced by neighborhood residents such as chemical storage sites. In addition information such as the location of churches can be found on the map.

Map Reading Software

To view the interactive map the computer you are using will need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed on it. 

Access Map
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