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Ebola Express Tabletop Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

This exercise served as an opportunity for management and staff that make up local public health Incident Command Teams along with their community’s public health partners to work through scenario information and injects dealing with a group of individuals returning from a missionary trip Ethiopia.

The exercise was designed as an opportunity to assess portions of the following Public Health Preparedness Capabilities.

# 3: Emergency Operations Coordination
# 4: Emergency Public Information and Warning
# 6: Information Sharing
# 10: Medical Surge
# 14: Responder Safety and Health

Exercise Scenario

On Sunday afternoon 18 members of the Modern Missionary Movement left for the airport on a charter bus for a six week mission trip to the east African country of Ethiopia. The focus of the trip was to staff a small village health clinic and help construct an addition to the village’s school.

Aware of the current Ebola outbreak in western Africa the team leader for the missionaries consulted with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and was told that there was currently not an Ebola problem in Ethiopia.

As trained healthcare workers the missionaries took the normal precautions while working in the village’s health clinic.

Upon returning to the United States the same charter bus picked the missionaries up at the airport and proceeded to drive them to Camp for All Seasons a summer camp attended by young church members from across the state. While at the camp the missionaries met with over 200 campers and staff on the last day of camp as they shared their missionary experiences.

Late in the afternoon the missionaries board the charter bus for the trip home. Several hours into the trip some of the missionaries began to feel ill and run a fever. One of the medically trained missionaries demands that the bus driver stop immediately and call 911. He does!

Exercise Conclusion

The Ebola Express Tabletop Exercise was held in the on July 13, 2016, at Public Health Agencies throughout western Connecticut.

Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative
This exercise is an example of the kind of exercises that comprise the nationwide Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative. This initiative provides meaningful exercise opportunities for America’s health system.