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Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative

Exercise Benefits / Facts
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The Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative provides community / rural / tribal health care centers with a comprehensive tool for assessing disaster and emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery capabilities. The initiative’s exercises have been developed to assist health care centers with disaster and emergency planning efforts and to help management and employees to understand how to respond to situations which they do not face in their daily work environment.

Caduceus Shield exercises are designed to provide an opportunity for a single health care center or coalition of health care centers to participate in a meaningful exercise with measurable outcomes. The initiative provides an alternative to the traditional time consuming and costly approach to conducting tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises by utilizing an internet based exercise delivery system to design, conduct and evaluate exercises.

Core Health Care Center Exercise Series

The concept behind the recurring series of core exercises is to provide Health Care Center managers with an opportunity to assess an identified capability as cost-effectively as possible.

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Core Exercises
Capability Scenario Exercise Title
Active Shooter Response
Active Shooter
Clinic Down
Continuity of Operations
Commerical Fire Infirmary Inferno
Continuity of Operations Earthquake Clinic Calamity
Continuity of Operations
Hurricane Hurricane Wellness
Continuity of Operations Winter Storm Operation Crystal Palace
Evacuation Commercial Fire Evacuation Endeavor
Shelter Support (Functional and Medical Needs)
Considerate Clinical Care