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Computer Calamity Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Washtenaw County Homeland Security Task Force undertook an initiative to conduct an exercise designed to assess and enhance the capability of various agencies and departments to maintain critical essential services during a computer / telecommunications failure.

During the exercise participants worked through scenario information and injects focusing on:

  1. The ability to determine which daily functions will need to be maintained following an IT failure.
  2. Identifying means by which the essential functions will be maintained until computer and telecommunications systems come back on-line.

Exercise Scenario

A virus targeted at Microsoft Windows XP and 7 operating system that sidesteps multiple firewall and anti-virus tools. The virus creates a network storm where all infected PC’s must be shut off or unplugged from the network to prevent further damage to the computing infrastructure. Microsoft is working on a solution, but it will take 24 hours to complete and will take your staff nearly the same amount of time to install the update.

Exercise Conclusion

The Computer Calamity Tabletop Exercise was conducted during the afternoon of November 19, 2013, in Ann Arbor Michigan.