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Caustic Cloud Haze Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Neptune Township Office of Emergency Management undertook an initiative to conduct a series of exercises designed to assess the capabilities of local agencies to respond to a hazardous materials incident occurring within the township.

Entitled “Caustic Cloud” the exercises consisted of a tabletop exercise followed by a full-scale exercise.

During the tabletop exercise participants worked through scenario information and injects dealing with a response to a hazardous materials incident. During the full-scale exercise participants had the opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned during the tabletop exercise.

The exercises focused on the following objectives:

  • Public Information / Community Notification
  • Interoperable Communications
  • Incident Command Structure
  • Decontamination (Gross & Technical)
  • Resource Management
  • Hospital Response

Exercise Scenario

Neptune Township Office of Emergency Management It has been an unusually warm and humid September day when the truck driver for the ACME Chemical Company calls the manager of the Neptune Township’s Public Works Facility.

Originally the ACME Chemical Company was due to make a delivery at 4:00PM.

The truck driver informs the facility manager that due to a car accident that tied up traffic for an extensive period of time he will not arrive until 5:30PM. The facility manager tells the truck driver that is OK and he and several employees will remain at the facility until he arrives.

At approximately 5:40PM the ACME Chemical Company’s truck arrives and begins to pull up to the facility’s loading area.

Suddenly the truck driver grasps his chest in pain, stomps on the gas and slumps over the steering wheel. Within moments the truck strikes a 55 gallon container of acetone tearing the drum open and spilling its contents under a 500 gallon Liquid Propane tank. The acetone is ignited when the truck crashes into one of the facility’s buildings.

Exercise Conclusion

The Caustic Cloud Tabletop Exercise was conducted during the afternoon of August 6, 2015 while the Caustic Cloud Full-Scale Exercise was conducted during the evening of September 10, 2015 in Neptune Township New Jersey.