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Comforting Accommodations Functional Exercise

Exercise Overview

Exercise Benefits / Facts

The Pierce County Emergency Management Department undertook an effort to conduct an exercise entitled “Comforting Accommodations – A Shelter Operations Functional Exercise”.

The purpose of this exercise was to provide an opportunity for agencies and organizations assigned sheltering lead and support roles to work as a team to assess their ability to open, manage and close emergency shelters.

During the exercise participants worked to identify strengths and areas needing improvement via a series of informational scenarios and injects.

Exercise Scenario

After several days of heavy rain local residents begin to experience flooding conditions.

As flood waters begin to threaten their homes, many local residents begin to prepare to evacuate.

Emergency management officials along with various organizations responsible for providing evacuees with safe shelter have begun the process of mobilizing their resources.

Exercise Conclusion

The Comforting Accommodations Flood Exercise was held in the morning of July 9, 2014, at the Pierce County Emergency Operations Center in Tacoma Washington.