The following testimonials are from workplace managers and owners that have participated in previous Hurricane Biz Tabletop Exercises.

American Academy of Pediatrics

This was very useful in addressing an individual facility’s preparedness, highlighting areas of potential concern, communication needs, and the need to identify outside partners (and how to reach them).

Bay Area Food Bank

While progress has been made this exercise showed that there was a lot we still need to do.

Big Bend Hospice Inc

On behalf of Big Bend Hospice I want to !! THANK YOU !! for coordinating yesterday’s Hurricane Biz Exercise. Not only was the exercise thought provoking and instructional, but what we were able to take away with us is invaluable. Now that I have completed the exercise I am raving about it to everyone and we will be discussing it in greater depth at our management meeting on Monday. I think everyone participating yesterday would definitely recommend the experience to other agencies in the community. In fact, if there were another one scheduled, I would not only have more of our staff from Big Bend Hospice participate, but I would strongly urge our vendors and at least one of our contracted ALFs and nursing homes to participate as well. I hope this will become an annual event (actually, I’d like to see this offered at least quarterly).

City of Mary Esther

We all found the exercise useful and appreciate being able to participate. I do want to say that the exercise did bring many of our shortfalls to light. Thank you very much!

Florida Blue

Thank you for offering this to us. We enjoyed it and it has motivated us to start working this year’s hurricane plans to get them updated early. The last couple of years we have had storms earlier than normal. We want to be prepared. Thanks again.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

We gained valuable information that will be very useful when we a hurricane strikes. So many little things it is hard to list that will make or break a business if it is not available during recovery. Thanks for an excellent learning opportunity!

Integrity Home Health Care Inc

That was a great exercise! Thanks for hosting it.

Integrity Home Health Care Inc

Thoroughly beneficial, realistic and useful as a way to review and “test” our home health agency’s preparedness for disaster. Well organized and formatted, to ensure self-pacing with time frames to promote progression through the exercise. Thank you!

Notary Public Underwriters Inc

EXCELLENT! We will take what we learned here and spend weeks implementing it.